What writers/reviewers have to say:

“The Scattersmith is great! I love how you write this: it’s like a combination of Stephen King and Douglas Adams – a horror comedy, a genre which isn’t easy to write, but you seem to do it very, very well. I love the idea of the mysterious Blackgum. It ‘s more than just Bigfoot, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon, or even Elvis; it can be your own grandmother.” – Kirk Haggerty, author of Aethunium.

“You have a wickedly funny writing style. Every sentence oozes detail and your choice of words seem to have been carefully selected for maximum effect. Your descriptions are top notch and we as the reader can visualise the scenes superbly. This is one of a few kids’ books on here that I’ve sat and actually laughed out loud, at. You’ve captured the tale brilliantly and have a real knack for writing this genre. My three kids would love this… There’s really nothing else to say.” – Emma Hornby, author of Sally of Spring Row.

“The tongue-in-cheek humour is evident right from the very start with your protagonist Paddy sleepwalking into the kitchen and awakening with snakes in his mouth… Thank you so much for the entertaining read.” – Kenneth Edward Lim, Author of The North Korean.

“What an original idea. I love your opening paragraphs, hooked straightaway. I was at the end of chapter 2 before I knew it. I think the imagery is fantastic…High starred.” – Mary Jane Fahey, author of The Magpie King.

“Sparkled with wit and imagination. The first person perspective and your direct writing style gives the story a lot of forward movement and pacey delivery. I love your language and you never preach or patronise your audience – always stretch them. Love certain lines like the mother’s laugh being, “infectious, like a disease, but a good one.” And the paragraph where the mum picks up on her son’s language: “once an English teacher, always an English teacher.” Brilliant!” – Mawdlin, author of Hubble Bubble, Toilet Trouble.

“This is a really unique and quirky idea and I think that children will love it…You cleverly write with humour and yet there is that element of mystery and danger lurking in the background.” – Debbie Roxburgh, author of Speedy McCready.

“Kane’s “Scattersmith” features urban demons, a killer clutch purse and Satan’s own mobile phone. The prose is clean and tight, the protagonists nicely formed, and some of the descriptions truly terrific: “She was scrabbling about like a cashier in a windstorm”; “… the students, clad almost universally in black, covered the space like a pimpled porridge of asphalt”; and the wonderful “Her face was caked in a frozen mudslide of makeup”. It’s gruesome in the casual way of Clive Barker’s Everville.” – Angela Slatter, ASIF

“David J. Kane’s monster hunter story Scattersmith is another which uses more than one genre to tell its story. Mixing elements of horror, action and science-fiction Kane’s story comes to life with vivid descriptions, beautifully realised battle scenes and an interesting internal battle within the hero’s mind….an interesting and original take on the monster hunter genre.” – Mark Smith-Briggs, HorrorScope

What Amazon readers think:

5 stars Fast-paced, original and funny, January 27, 2013
“‘The Scattersmith’ is a novel which is original, descriptive and is driven by a brilliant narrative. The scenes of bone-chilling horror cleverly combine with humour to make for a story which compels you to keep turning the pages (albeit electronically). A tantalising ending leaves me eagerly awaiting the next instalment. A great read, which I would highly recommend.” – Catherine J Evans

5 stars Outstanding read, January 25, 2013
“Scattersmith is the best horror I have read in years. Never has life in a small town been so entertaining. Wonderfully gruesome and highly recommended reading!” – Liz