David James Kane’s Audio Scatterchillers

Hey It’s David James Kane, author of The Scattersmith and fan of all things weird and twisted. In the Summer of 2012, I had an amazing opportunity to re-read some of my favourite short tales – stories that I read first as a young boy, teenager, young adult and bookish freak – stories that stuck in my mind as I grew up. Taught me things. Got me through some tough times. Made me feel less alone. Connected to something bigger. Worthwhile, if not entirely wholesome (chuckle).

On a whim, I decided to read some of the best stories out loud and to record them for other freaks – you – to enjoy.  These are short, unrehearsed, raw and unedited – every now and then I fluff a line spectacularly. But warts and all, here we go.   Thanks for listening.

1. The Three Sneezes (1958), by Roger Duvoisin. Fairy Tales from Switzerland. (Rated G)

“I am dead. Very, very dead”. A dark Swiss French fable with a messed up moral, a fatalist fatality, a stubborn, stone-shooting donkey and a mysterious stranger. Better than Shrek, but trés weird. Enjoy!

Scattersmith Tales 1 – The Three Sneezes


2. Sredni Vashtar (c.1900), by Saki. (Rated PG)

About a boy, his sourpuss carer and his sharp-fanged demonic demi-god pet polecat-ferret. No-one puts Conradin in the corner!

If at first you don’t get what you want in this life, found a religion. Worked for L.Ron.